​​Here are a few ways to become the best version of you:

1. Accept yourself 2. Love the people around you 3. Eat healthy

4. Exercise 5. Respect the planet 6. Be awesome

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Submit your event, program, workshop or activity to us and we will post it on our website for teens, parents and mentors. We want to make sure they know what you are doing and if it is open to the public or private. Click here to register your event today. 



Are you interested in helping our teens develop a healthy self-outlook and navigate the many challenges they face? Soon, you will be able to submit what you would like to share for review and indicate if it is for our "Tip Tuesday" "This Moment Matters" or "General Activity" segment.


Note: Videos, images, and copy should not be or include pitches for products, programs, events, workshops, etc. You can register these types of activities here. And for products, use the contact page to inquire about our sponsorship opportunities. 


Consider supporting and partnering with your local school to create programs and events during the month that focus on self-esteem. Get the students involved in planning as well. 



Show tweens and teens, parents, educators, mentors, and the world that your company is committed to building the self-esteem of our youth, connecting them to essential resources that focus on their healthy development, and increasing their positive entertainment in-take. Sponsor I Am Worth More's activities during National Teen Self-Esteem Month today!


Wear confidence in style. Our merchandise helps teens (and adults) make a statement. Gift encouragement today and either assert your confidence to build it within or in someone else. Proceeds benefit I Am Worth More, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and administrator of the National Teen Self-Esteem Month program. 


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